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My mother told me once a memory from my childhood: “ When I was about six years old I took pencils and paper and I went to an art school, I went there by myself “ - something I don’t really remember, but I do remember that since I was a child I’ve always wanted to paint.
At the age of 18 I started to study bio - engineering sciences in the University of Kiev. But in my heart I still wanted to be an artist. After I graduated from the University I chose not to continue with my carrier as an engineer, I chose to follow my dream.

At age of 33 I decided to move to Belgium. Exactly 24 years ago I arrived to Antwerp with only 100 dollars in my pocket, a backpack full of paint and ready to open my vision and move away from conservative way of thinking to a more open, conceptual one.
By discovering the new sources of inspiration in modern and in contemporary art, in movies and in music I started to form my own world which always starts with a concept. I never start any work without knowing what I’m going to say.

As a person who was born and grew up in Soviet Union, in a system that didn’t allow us to grow beyond our given capabilities, I had to break my boundaries. In my artworks I’m trying to reflect my thoughts about my childhood and my youth, about my feelings and about my dreams.
To express myself I’am using different media which speaks to me the most: dolls, garbage bags, candy wrappers from Russian candies, concrete.
I recycle my old work, I reorganise and I make collages to give it a second chance.

Some years ago I started a new series “Claustrophobia - fear of being limited”, fear of being limited to create, to love, to leave, etc.
Partially this serie reflected the covid period, when whole world had to go through a hard time and through a lot of limitations.
On 24th of february 2022 in Ukraine started a war. We were all shocked and frightened. To express what I felt I started to put my work in concrete blocks. Concrete as an idea of fear that blocks any sign of life. Since then it became my statement. 
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